Since the completion of her PhD Nina’s become increasingly interested in the various economic, political and practical factors influencing the translation of academic innovation into medical practice. After her PhD, she initially pursued this interest as a management consultant at McKinsey’s healthcare practice. However, she returned to academia more recently to a career with science at its “center of gravity” in order to participate more directly in cutting-edge research–in 2010, she joined Columbia University’s Laboratory for Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering as a postdoctoral researcher.

Goals of tissue engineering include providing innovative solutions to regenerate damaged organs, alleviating the shortage of donors, and testing new drugs. In order for tissue engineering to truly impact regenerative medicine, however, academic work must translate beyond the laboratory and into the clinic. To this end, Nina pursued an executive MBA program at Columbia, in parallel with her scientific work, learning to be “bilingual” in the languages of science and business.

Going forward, by attaining “triple citizenship” within engineering, medical, and business communities, she hopes to be uniquely positioned to lead interdisciplinary efforts between researchers and those involved in translational efforts.

Please reach out if you’d like to discuss any or all of these ideas!

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